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March is here, almost spring! Dragonflies flitting around a babbling brook. Blues, greens, purple glittering in the sunlight. Dragonflies darting from reed to reed, (a dragonfly book, a story about a dragonfly, a book shaped like a dragonfly. A dress made of gossamer wings, a dress made like gossamer wings, tin cans wired together for the long segmented body. Golf balls painted with metallic paint, wire antennae, a koosch ball abdomen. A rubber stamp to paint the walls stenciled on stationary, a coat, appliqued and decorated with metallic threads and beads, shinny glittery fabric, feathers. Quilt a gigantic dragonfly, a kite, scarecrow dragonfly. Design new clothes using the shapes, colors, textures, of a dragonfly. Or the opposite use, an old bunch of leaves from the cornfield and a corncob to fashion a plain and simple dragonfly. Hairpins and beads, marbles wire and clay. A wire sculpture. A mosaic, with paper, glass, beads, leaves, scrap metal, an environmental sculpture in the grass, using natural items found on the earth where you are. Think of a way to recreate a dragonfly... Where have you seen dragonfly designs? Tiffany lamps, clothing, pins, illustrations in books, are some examples. Now it's your turn to come up with some ideas.


Embrace your creativity. Create an special place to showcase your creative self. A sketchbook, a shelf, a wall, your whole house, a gallery. You choose. We are all creative, respect and embrace yours.


Today, pick one object and think of 25 different creative ways to use it. Don't let the word "creative" block your mind; every idea you think of will be creative. Don't worry if it takes a while to get into the swing of this. Also, no fair censoring your ideas. E-mail me with your answers. Example/ a brown paper lunch bag…. blow it up and use as a kick ball
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